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foot fetish mistressSexy redhead Foot Fetish Mistress threated to trample on my balls with her 6 inch stiletto heels. She has elegant feet with pristine toes. She demanded that I pamper and adore her feet in cam to cam. I should say, she allowed me to pamper and adore her feet. She has these cocksucking lips. Which of course you will not be allowed to comment that she has cocksucking lips. Or she’ll devise some devious punishment.

strapon femdomShe was pretty demanding with me and treated me like her bitch. No speaking out of turn. Mistress is your Goddess. Kneel. Face down! Like that. Mistress enjoyed fucking with my head. Turn on, turn off. She devised instructions, then punished you for following them for some slight infraction. She also has a huge strap on dildo that she enjoys training sissy ass with. And she’s into mind fuckery. Which is to say, you will be into mind fuckery. Her ass tightly into black leather, and knee high black leather boots with six inch heels.

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